Bill K.  -  "I can't say enough good things about David Pray as a music instructor and the positive impact he's had on my life. I came to him as a novice bass player, and he enabled me to become a member of the worship band at PC3.  His insight, sensitivity, passion, musicality and humor make him not only a great music teacher, but also a great guy to spend time with as well. Thanks Dave!"


"David Pray is a great guitarist, a great guy, and a great guitar teacher. My daughter has taken lessons from David for three years and has progressed beyond all of our expectations. David has helped my daughter to love music and understand it at a level far beyond just learning “techniques” and “notes.” This has truly been a gift. Anyone can teach techniques, it takes a truly special teacher to transfer his love and “feel” for music to a student. My daughter can now apply David’s methodology outside of her weekly lessons to make songs “her own.” Thanks David for using the gift God has given you and sharing that with the next generation of guitar-slingers. Blessings. Jim S."


Holly C. - "Our daughter started taking guitar lessons from David in July and has enjoyed every minute of it.  She has come so far so fast!  We are truly amazed!  David has really encouraged Sydney and has motivated her by keeping the lessons positive and fun!  David allows his students to choose what they would like to learn to play, which Sydney really enjoys!  This really keeps her excited about practicing and playing throughout the week.  She truly has developed a love of music, singing and performing and for that we are so grateful!  We highly recommend David Pray!"


Carson P. - "ILM Guitar School has been nothing but an excellent experience for me since my first day. The lessons are very immersive, and while learning the fundamentals of music theory, you are also able to work on any song or technique that you would like to upon request. At ILM Guitar School, your progress and success really is valued and I have no reservations in recommending it for the aspiring musician or the picker that's looking for a boost in musical knowledge. If you want to learn to play a stringed instrument, learn vocals, or improve upon your musical ability, ILM Guitar School is the place to go."


Kevin L. - “David has taken a yearning I have had for 25 years, standing on the sidelines wondering if one day I could play the bass guitar.  Now David has assisted me in bringing that desire to life.  His positive and encouraging teaching style has been tailored to my needs and proven successful.  He is a gifted musician but more importantly a gifted teacher.  His patience with me as I struggled through this journey has been sobering.  Thanks David for helping me realize a dream that I wanted to fulfill for decades.  David will tailor your growth to suit your specific needs.  I highly recommend David Pray!”


Jason T. - "David is a great teacher. I found out old dogs can learn new tricks! David has a unique and easy to understand system for adults with busy schedules to have fun learning to play guitar.  I learned so quickly that I signed my son up. Now we play together and its a great bonding experience. Best decision you will make if you want to learn guitar."


Alex C. - "ILM Guitar school is by far the best in wilmington for learning the art of playing the guitar. From taking lessons from this school, i have propelled as being just an average guitar player, to being a proficient and creative guitar player. I will recommend this school every time!!!"